How do you manage to travel so often?

I am super fortunate to work at a company that offers a very generous amount of vacation time each year. After not taking a vacation for nearly 4 years when I first moved to Seattle, I realized that I am a much more productive person when I get time away to explore and clear my mind. I do try to plan my trips around company holidays so I can maximize my time off without maxing out my available vacation days.

Where do you find Cheap Flights?

#budgetballin is my overall philosophy in life, so that definitely applies to travel as well. I regularly peruse Google Flights for good deals to cities I want to visit, and am part of mailing lists like Scott’s Cheap Flights and The Points Guy.

Hotel or Airbnb?

I’m team hotel all the way unless your travel plans allow for an easy check-in/check-out experience given strict hours for Airbnbs - I once had to carry around a massive Away Suitcase for an entire day in Los Angeles due to checking out of an Airbnb and having a late flight. Not fun. Hotels offer a lot of flexibility, and a ton of rewards. My favorite way to find hotels is through Google Hotels, and am always stoked to book via and work towards a free night, irrespective of which hotel chain you’re booking.


What do you do with your Dog when you Travel?

If I can’t bring hime with me, I love using Rover to book a dog sitter to pamper Brodie while I’m away. It’s reassuring knowing that while I’m on vacation, he gets his own canine vacation at my friend/dogsitter’s house. I get real-time updates and photos while I’m away, and I can always tell he’s having a blast.
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Why do you like London so Much?

Reference any of my London posts for all of the many reasons why I love that city so much. I have a hard time explaining it, but I always feel comfortable there, and feel like it’s where I’m meant to be. Beyond that, it’s a great choice for a quick trip from the US due to easy flight options and a bevy of things to do over a long weekend.

Where are you going next?

At the moment, I’m looking forward to trips to:

  • North Carolina Coast

  • London, England

  • The New Forest, England

  • Paris, France

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

I also always have a list going of where I want to go next. :)