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The vast majority of my travels to Europe thus far have been made possible by Icelandair’s amazing deals on flights out of Seattle. With twenty-three destinations in Europe - including Reykjavík - Icelandair became a very attractive option for travel for me. What’s even better than sub $400 transatlantic flights? Transatlantic flights that include long layovers in places you wanted to go anyhow.

Icelandair offers a stopover program that allows travelers the option to stay in Iceland for up to a week without affecting the price of their ticket. I’ve taken advantage of this a few times - usually staying in Iceland for a day or two on the way home. That said, I’ve only really spent time in and around Reykjavík. Though I would love to spend a week or move driving around Iceland for a truly ultimate road trip, I am so happy that I’ve had a few short stays to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, Whale Watching, and a day on the Golden Circle with friends.

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