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Much of my family came to the states from Ireland, so I was so happy to get to see some of the places they had come from on my trip to Ireland back in March of 2018. I rented a car and headed out west from Dublin to explore the Wild Atlantic Way from Cong and the Connemara National Park down to County Clare, the Burren, and the Cliffs of Moher. I’ve always fancied myself a good driver, but navigating the Irish countryside really tested my skills. Luckily, the journey was worth all the stress of driving on the left, as the scenery was truly beautiful.

I also had a few days in Dublin, and wish I had more time to explore the city. For such a relatively small country, there is so much to do and see. I need to go back to explore the south, the Ring of Kerry, Cork, and Killarney National Park…

Irish Road Trip Tips:

  • Get the smallest car possible. I’m serious. The roads in Ireland are beautiful - they wind through farms and mountains, and are often bordered by centuries old stone walls. That said, they are very narrow, and by US standards, are essentially a one way road - but they are not, and you’ll often need to squeeze by cars going the opposite direction.

  • Drive on the left - This became my mantra. There were so many times that I’d see a car coming up, and I’d move to get out of their way on a narrow road only to then realize I’d moved right (which is wrong).

  • Plan for lots of extra time. Due to the nature of the small country roads, it’ll take longer to drive a mile than it would on a nice, big highway (duh). You’ll also find all sorts of cool things to stop and see along the way, so plan for the journey and don’t be in too big of a hurry.

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