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London is far and away my favorite place on earth. It is simultaneously full of history and tradition, while teeming with life and energy. After spending a few weeks in London while studying abroad, I knew that it was a place I'd love to call home one day.

Until I do get the opportunity to live abroad in London, I try to go as often as I can. Despite many trips across the pond over the past few years, I always find new things to do each time I visit.

Top Things to Do:

  • Wake up at sunrise and enjoy your coffee standing on the bridge at St. James's Park.

  • Make your own bespoke gin at The Ginstitute.

  • Take the Tube to Hampstead and enjoy Sunday Roast at a local Pub ( I recommend The Holly Bush).

  • Eat all the things - the reputation for terrible food here is so untrue. There are amazing restaurants and food markets to discover all over the city. Dishoom is fantastic.

  • Get lost! Find a place you want to go, and meander your way there on foot. London is an easy city to navigate, and you can easily find tons of amazing things along the way to your destination.

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